Important Information about Move-Out Process and Documents
* Your move-out date and May's rent amount was in the email that was sent to you regarding the move out process.

The deposit refund check is sent to only one person. Please complete the deposit refund form ( the form is found below) designating the person you want the deposit refund sent to, along with their mailing address.  All tenants must sign this form. An itemized accounting of the deductions will be emailed to each tenant within 21 days of move out and the refund check will be sent to the person your property as designated to receive the check. ***Please submit this form to our office by Friday, May 5th***  Failure to return the form to us may delay in getting your refund check sent.

*  The last person to vacate the premises is responsible for returning all the house keys to us. The keys can be returned to us at either our office( 362 E. 5th St.) or drop box location. Please make sure all the keys are clearly labeled with the address they belong to (i.e. in an envelope, in a Ziploc baggie). Please lock the premises prior to you returning the keys. ***We will not be accepting any keys after your move-out date and if not all keys are returned by then you will be charged for a lock change.***

*  Think about ordering a U-haul, storage shed, or whatever you might need to move now – nothing will be left by the end of May.

*  Make arrangements to have PG&E & Cable TV/Internet turned off and/or transferred.  Also, stop newspapers and forward your mail.

*   Doing all of the items on the Cleaning List thoroughly should insure a clean house with little or no deductions for cleaning. Discuss with your roommates now who will be responsible for the different items on the list. Usually the last one there gets stuck doing all the cleaning and then it doesn’t get done properly.

*  If you elect to hire someone else to do your cleaning, remember it must be done by your move-out date. The lease reads that you must return the house to us by that date in the same condition as when you moved in. There are many janitorial cleaning companies you can contact, if you are interested. Contact me if you want some names of recommended cleaning services. We also suggest that if you do hire a janitorial company that you inspect the work done before you pay them and that you hire a company that will guarantee their work.

*  Make arrangements to haul everything away! Any furniture or other items left in and around the house, including the basement, garage, laundry room, or other storage areas will be hauled away and charged at $25.00 per piece of furniture and $25.00/hour for everything else.

*  If you have painted without our permission or have major damage, such as sheet rock repairs or damaged doors, contact us immediately to discuss this situation. The lease states that you must return the house to us in the same condition as when you moved in, but it also states that you can not make repairs without our permission. Therefore, anything more than touch-up painting and minor repairs must not only be approved by us, but must be completed by the move-out date. If any major repairs cause us to lose rent from the new tenants, we will charge you for the loss of rents. We would prefer to come in and make any of these needed repairs now and then deduct the cost from your deposit.

*  We will have the carpets professionally cleaned and deduct the agreed upon amount from your deposit, but you must vacuum the carpets thoroughly to avoid an additional charge.

Please remember that this is a busy time for us, too. Contact us for any questions about cleaning and/or repairs.